Congratulations to the 2018 prize winners

Congratulations to all of the artists who entered in to the 2018 Feast Pray Love Art Prize and Exhibition.  We were pleased to see so many artists at the opening night this week.  It is a wonderful array of art pieces all responding to the theme of ‘A Place at the Table’.

We are pleased to announce the first, second and third prize winners for 2018.

We also warmly welcome and invite you to attend the exhibition that is now open until the 25th March.

First Prize Award  – Titane Laurent for ‘In Communion’

Titane Laurent ‘In Communion’


Second Prize Winner – Mary McCowan for ‘A Place at the Table of Life’

Mary McCowan ‘A Place at the Table of Life’





Third Prize Winner – Celia Moriarty for ‘Bruce Pascoe Invites You To Table’

Celia Moriarty ‘Bruce Pascoe Invites You to Table’



Special Mention – Leonie Bolton for ‘Common’

Leonie Bolton ‘Common’



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