For more than 20 years, our city has celebrated its life at the table through the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Today it’s an internationally acclaimed event that salutes Melbourne’s identity as one of the great food cities of the world.

In 2013, the Collins Street Baptist Church hosted its inaugural art prize and exhibition Feast•Pray•Love to coincide with the festival. Each year artists are invited to explore the deeper longings evident in our sharing of food. Selected works from around the country are exhibited for the duration of the festival with awards made for the most outstanding contributions.

Prize winners from previous exhibitions can be viewed here.

[Image: ‘Carry Us’ by Rachel Peters]


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Collins Street Baptist Church

Since 1843 Collins Street Baptist Church has been a spiritual home for the people of Melbourne; a community of faith with its doors wide open to the people and life of the city. Located part way between the historic Town Hall and State Parliament, CSBC sits at Melbourne’s cultural, commercial, political and spiritual heart. Today, the church is as committed to the people and welfare of the city as it was on the day it began.

The community at CSBC is passionate about hospitality, welcoming people daily to our Verandah Café on Collins St or, via our partners in mission at Urban Seed, Credo Café in Baptist Place. We are enthused by the festivals and cultural life of Melbourne, and are committed to connect with the people of city during times of celebration and significance.

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